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Lake Erie's (Eastern Basin) Shipwreck Locations

The chart below lists shipwrecks in the eastern basin along with their locations and type of moorings.The ones in  Bold Blue have functioning moorings installed by the Lake Erie Mooring Project group. Blue underlined link to more information on the shipwreck. Locations are marked on the map below.

Shipwreck Location  Mooring 
Acme 42-36.601/79-29.842 block off Port Side
Atlantic 42-30.620/80-05.086 rope & chain on Walking Beam
Boland 42-22.794/79-43.929 rope & chain on Prop Shaft
Betty Hedger 42-25.110/79-36.528 block off Bow
Brunswick 42-35.510/79-24.527 rope & chain on Boiler
Carlingford 42-39.2.88/79-28.597 blocks off Starboard Bow & Stern
CB Benson 42-46.262/79-14.609 blocks off Bow & Stern
Cracker 42-33.485/79-51.649 ?
Dean Richmond 42-17.421/79-55.859 rope & chain to Prop Shaft
Dupuis #10 42-49.095/79-13.300 ?
Finch 42-50.965/78-59.029 rope & chain to wreck
George Finnie 42-40.087/79-36.250 block off Bow
Indiana 42-17.819/79-59.907 rope & chain on Windlass
Niagara 42-44.310/79-36.285 block off Starboard Side
O.W.Cheney 42-50.251/79-00.477 rope & chain on Boiler
Oneida/Arches 42-27.476/80-01.021 rope & chain on Arch
Oxford 42-28.855/79-51.843 rope & chain on Railing
Passaic 42-28.760/79-27.782 rope & chain on Steam Engine
Persian 42-33.781/79-54.696 rope & chain on Boiler
Port Dalhousie Wreck
(Lake Ontario)
43-14.769/79-17.075 block off Port Rear Quarter
Raleigh 42-51.926/79-09.254 chain on Boiler
Smith 42-28.486/79-59.061 rope & chain on Forward Wench
St. James 42-27.014/80-07.331 rope to Ships Anchor on Bow
Stern Castle 42-30.294/80-02.379 ?
Stonewreck 42-40.076/79-23.780 block off Starboard Side
Tonawanda 42-50.399/78-58.932 rope & chain on Boiler
Tradewind 42-25.516/80-12.056 rope & chain on Windlass
Washington Irving 42-32.371/79-27.636 rope & chain to Ships Anchor on Bow